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Introducing Workers Power

WORKERS POWER is a Marxist organisation committed to building the strongest possible resistance to cuts, imperialist occupation in the Middle East, racism, sexism, environmental destruction and war. We fight for solidarity with the revolutions against western-backed dictators in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Bahrain and Yemen. The root of all these evils is the capitalist system, so we work to direct the resistance against the ruling class and towards socialist revolution.

We are involved in the trade union movement with members in the post office, local authorities, the civil service, teaching and journalism. Most recently we backed Jerry Hicks’ campaign for leadership of Unite, Britain’s largest union, and have campaigned energetically to turn the unions towards the building of local anti-cuts committees.

Our members take part in the leadership of the nationwide Coalition of Resistance, in networks of shop stewards and in cross-union initiatives and local anticuts committees.

Amongst young people and students our members play a significant role in the National Campaign against Fees and Cuts and one of our members, Joana Pinto, is standing as part of the joint anticuts slate against the NUS leadership that failed so abysmally to lead radical action against the fees rise.

Against imperialism
Workers Power has always taken an uncompromising stance against imperialism, racism, nationalism and fascism. We opposed the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and demand the immediate withdrawal of British troops. We participated on the national leadership of the Stop the War Coalition though we criticised the limited methods which ultimately caused it to fail.

We support the Palestinians and their struggle against the racist Israeli state. We call for a bi-national one state solution to end the conflict.

Antifascism and antiracism
We have been in the forefront of mobilisations to drive the fascist English Defence League off the streets and campaigned against the British National Party. We argued for an Anti Fascist Defence force to protect our demonsrations and communitiies from far right violence.

And we opposed the ‘British Jobs for British Workers’ strikes in 2009, fighting for jobs for all instead of anti-foreigner actions.

Our emphasis on organising young people is widely recognised. We took the initiative at the time of the emergence of the anti-capitalist and anti-globalisation movement to set up REVOLUTION as an independent socialist youth organisation, and have always believed that it is critical that young people should have an organisation under their own control.

Unlike the youth organisations of the capitalist parties, and of some of the socialist left, which are obliged to follow the line of their ‘parent’ group, REVOLUTION is entirely self-governing. We believe this is essential, if young people are to find their own way and take socialism forward to a new generation.

Finally, Workers Power is an internationalist organisation. We actively support struggles of the workers around the world, and we aim to participate directly in building links of solidarity.

We are the British Section of an international organisation called the League for the Fifth International, which also has groups in Germany, Sweden, Czech Republic, Austria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the USA, and networks of sympathisers in other countries.

At the core of our belief is the view that while the contradictions of capitalism and its repeated crises will present opportunity after opportunity for the working class, the socialist revolution will not happen spontaneously or by its self. There is never a vacuum in politics, and unless revolutionary socialists are organised to give political leadership, other forces will fill the space, misleading the revolution. We think this view is being borne out in the amazing events in Egypt today – overcoming the crisis of working class leadership is a key task for socialists everywhere.

Karl Marx said the emancipation of the working class is the act of the working class itself – and he often observed that self-emancipation has to be a conscious act.

Our political positions are democratically decided and published in From Protest to Power and From Resistance to Revolution. They are guides to action, which links the needs of today’s struggles to the fight for revolution and socialism. Our clear international programme and our fight for the formation of a Fifth International – a world party of revolution – is what distinguishes us from other groups in the working class movement.

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